What does the future of marketing looks like 10 to 15 years from now?

In short, long-form content does have a place in the future of digital marketing. Research tools and AI will improve the way we interact with customers online. The thing about AI in marketing is that its development is a natural course of action. Not only because consumers expect more personalized and convenient experiences, but also because AI is the only and most effective tool for collecting customer information.

They want to deliver a great and memorable digital experience to all their customers. And virtually all (94 percent) of marketers surveyed say their companies are good or excellent at delivering a great personalized experience at scale. Fast Company asked the professionals behind some of the most innovative companies in advertising and marketing for five predictions for the next five years. To help marketers better understand what they need to do now to keep up with their customers in the future, Adobe partnered with Advanis to launch the Future of Marketing survey.

Marketers, often emboldened by their own direct relationships with large technology companies (fueled with great effort and expense by companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter) are beginning to suspect that, in some cases, they are driving the marketing innovation agenda, not their agencies. The way they can find it could be changing, and digital marketers will surely have to adapt to those changes. It's not something you want to hear if you spent years learning all the marketing theories that used to help you build a value proposition. Therefore, as a modern marketer, it's critical that you constantly rebuild your digital marketing plan to keep it adaptable to the upcoming content consumption changes.

Marketers address it on a daily basis in various tools they use, whether for email marketing, content, or analytics. Link building will continue to be an effective practice for years to come, but digital marketing predictions around links are unclear. Marketing has existed for hundreds of years, but only in the last 20 years has digital marketing evolved into what it is today. Yes, it's difficult to predict the future of digital marketing in the long term, but keeping an eye on current trends will help you avoid being taken by surprise in the future.

A handful of marketing executives from around the world meet to discuss what marketing will look like in 2030. While this is a big challenge, it's also a good problem, as over the next five years marketers will have a steadily growing customer base that, thanks to the growth of smartphones, they will be able to reach directly (many for the first time). In fact, experts believe that Twitter will undergo a renaissance and transformation that will catapult it to a top position in the marketing field. Over the next five years, we will see technology complete this transition and become part of the core fabric of marketing itself.

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